Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out to dinner

If you were leaving Denver for three months and had the opportunity to pick the place for a celebration meal, where would you go? . . . Ted's Montana Grill?  Blue Bonnet?  Those seem reasonable-- a steak house or a Mexican meal!
Our kids are not reasonable.  Knowing that they are headed to China--to get the real thing--still they picked P.F. Changs!  It was yummy and fun, but probably not what we'll be eating in the coming week.
The best part was the fortune cookies . . .by the way, did you know that fortune cookies are an American invention?  They didn't originate in China, but in San Francisco to please American palates.
Inside three of our fortune cookies we got these messages:

  • "This is a good month to participate in a new sport or hobby." I think we've got that covered if travel can be consider a hobby.
  • "You will be the guest of a gracious host within the month." That' s a certainty.  We're so blessed to have friends waiting for us in Beijing, Botswana and the Netherlands!
  • "You will make a change for the better and be glad within the week."  Yup!  

Counting down the hours!

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