Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gulliver's view of the Netherlands

Yesterday we visited Madurodam--a miniature version of famous Dutch sites all made to scale.  It's a tourist attraction that my parents took me and my sisters to visit when we were girls, now I got to take my mom and my girls to see the new and improved version.  After months of re-construction, it has re-opened to the public.

Here's a sample of the miniature sites and some of the actual buildings that we've seen in full size:

Train station and moving trains--it's how we are getting all over Holland.
Schipol Airport--with baggage carts and KLM planes
Utrecht's famous Dom Tower
with 465 steps to the top!
Madurodam's version of the Dom Tower
A row of canal houses at Madurodam

Actual canal houses in Utrecht
The cheese market in Gouda
Madurodam's version of the Gouda Town Hall
Actual "Stadhuis" in Gouda--one of the oldest in Holland
Who's miniature now?! That's Ana and Mia waving from the front of the Stadhuis to give a perspective of how impressive it really is!  
 We even met Rembrandt--one of the many famous Dutch artists!

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