Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bike trip to Spakenburg

Once Mia was an experienced biker--all of 48 hours, we decide to take our bikes 10K from Nijkerk to Spakenburg--over the highway and then out in the open field on the great bike paths of Holland.

Countryside view along the path from Nijkerk to Spakenburg

notice the wide paved bike path separate from the road!
Along the way we stopped to pet a horse.  Couldn't stop for all of the horses, but this one was really handsome!

Stopping to pet the horse on the way to Spakenburg
Spakenburg is an old city that used to be along the sea until the Dutch built the big dike and then reclaimed more land from the water.  Now, there is a canal along the city, allowing the boats to get out--but not right onto the open water.  In this city, some of the local women wear traditional clothing everyday.  We saw only one woman in her full set of skirts and capes, but didn't think it was polite to take a picture, so here's a doll with the traditional clothing.   
Spakenburg traditional clothing
We had already seen a lady dressed like this in Nijkerk.   She had biked from Spakenburg to our town wearing the full traditional outfit!  

Along the canal in Spakenburg

In Spakenburg, we saw our first molen "windmill."  It is no longer in operation, but there was a yummy restaurant off the back side and, since it was my sister's birthday, we decided to have a saucijsebroodje (lit. "sausage bread"--a true 'pig in the blanket') in her honor.  Happy Birthday, Cheryl!

Everyone knows if you ride 10K out, you have to ride 10K to get back home.  Yes, we were tired, and pretty proud of ourselves that we made it (and didn't get too lost along the way.)  

Now, Mia and Ana are all over center of Nijkerk on their bikes--they know their way around--most importantly--the way to get home.

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