Sunday, March 18, 2012

Horsing Around in Botswana

Ana packed her riding helmet with hopes that she could ride one or two horses belonging to a friend of EJ and Koekoes.  Unfortunately, one of the horses got sick right when we arrived in Botswana and had to be put down, and the other was bitten by a snake and not available for riding.  Ana was so sad for the girl who  lost her horse.
EJ and Koekoes asked around and found another barn owned by a Canadian woman who has lived in Botswana for years.  “Miss Sue” offered Ana a riding lesson and she had the time of her life! They warmed up on a trail ride in the bush, then rode around the outdoor arena surrounded by the hills south of Gaborone.  Then Ana got her first instructions on jumping and loved it.  She and her horse Misty hopped over everything at both a trot and canter.  

Can you see the smile?!  That’s a real horsey grin!

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