Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tour of Amsterdam

On Saturday, we were invited to join a small group of Dutch and German Rotarians and their children on a tour of Amsterdam.  After a canal boat ride together, the kids went to the science museum NeMo where they learned scientific things like how to make a gigantic bubble and what happens when you kiss.  I still haven't gotten an answer from them on what really happens--they just giggle when I ask.
I enjoyed a walking tour of the old, seeing the houses and churches from the 15th-17th centuries and seeing some of the more colorful places in this city famous for its tolerance of everything.

The sites were great, but our favorite part of the day was meeting new people--kids and adult--and making new friends quickly.  These people certain lived out the values of Rotary International in their kind and hospitable inclusion of us.  We were again overwhelmed by the open arms of people.

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  1. Goeden Morgen,(Good Morning)

    It is early in the morning, and I just saw all the stuff you three already did in Holland.

    Jana will look at it later. Her home town is just down the road from Nijkerk (North)

    Enjoy, Jack and Jana. Daaag