Tuesday, February 28, 2012

House Pet

We were sitting on the couch reading a story when the curtain wiggled just a little.  I glanced over and saw the pointed head slithering through the folds.  

Stifling a little scream, I calmly told the girls to get up slowly and move to the other side of the room.  

Just last night, Koekoes told me that they’ve never had a snake in the house in the 10 years that they’ve lived here!  Really?! We show up just in time for the first one??!
I needed a picture to prove it to her . . . and how long was this thing, anyway?  
Just the narrow pointed head peeked out, the rest of it was hidden up in the fabric.
We were scared and curious... not so scared that we left the room--
after all, if we leave and it slithers down, we’ll never know where in the house he went.  

So we watched--and when we got impatient, we poked at the curtain with a broom stick.  
He turned his beady eyes toward us, but didn’t move.  

We poked the curtain again.  He came forward just a little... YIKES!...wait, he actually rotated his head, that’s weird!  
Uh oh, he’s lifting his head.  
Mia looked a little closer... 
“Look, Mom, he’s got little legs.”

We pulled back the curtain fold to see the rest of him.
Koekoes is still right:  No snakes in the house.  
Just the beady-eyed lizard who lives in the curtain!