Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Red Couch

When children are adopted from the southern parts of China, they leave with their new families through the city of Guangzhou--just east of Hong Kong.  For many years, these families stayed several nights in the White Swan Hotel while completing the final paperwork for immigration.  
And a tradition developed.  In the ornately decorated lobby--check out the jade carvings!--there was a red couch.  Knowing just enough about Chinese culture to recognize the connection of the “happy” and “lucky” color red and their own emotions, families began to take pictures of their babies on the red couch.  For many, it is the last connection point in China before beginning a new life somewhere else in the world.
In February of 2003, we put our tiny bundle on the red couch next to the other children from our adoption group and snapped the picture.
In February of 2012 we were back again.  

Red is still the color of happiness for this family!

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