Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look Who’s Coming to Lunch

Sitting on the deck overlooking the Chobe river is a lovely place for a yummy steak or hamburger.  (Did you read about the good looking cattle we’ve been seeing all over the country?)
We’re not the only ones who thought this was a great spot!  The geckos were running up and down the poles near our table and then the monkeys showed up.  They started in the rafters and then got more bold, jumping into the branches above us and by the end of lunch, they were approaching our table, getting close enough to touch Ana’s chair.
After lunch, the girls went swimming, leaving their clothes on the deck chairs, and one of the monkeys attempted to try on Ana’s shirt.  
The hippos and crocs were just below the deck, but they were incognito--we hope to see them tomorrow when we head out onto the river.

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