Sunday, February 12, 2012

Into Africa!

For the record--roosters cannot tell time!  That old tale of rooster knowing just when dawn is about to break--and crowing like clockwork every morning is a bunch of hooey!  The neighbor’s rooster began practising at 3:24 this morning.  He woke up the rest of the local strutters and they crowed in chorus.  Their morning song hit the airwaves and, now that they are finally tired out (at 6:21am) I can hear the distant echoes of cu-cu-cu-cu-cu from birds in the next village.  
It’s great to be back in Africa!!!
We arrived safely on Sunday morning and were met by our good friends, EJ and Koekoes Van As who are the leaders of Youth for Christ in this country and in southern Africa.  They have graciously opened their home to us for the next five weeks.  Last night they served us a traditional “Braai”  (you’ve got to roll the “r.”)  It is an outdoor grill made from half of a drum filled with firey red briquettes and topped with lamb chops, beef kabobs and local sausage served with grilled cheese and tomato (say “tom-ah-to”) and their own version of baked beans.  YUM!
We are living in a small village outside the town of Mochudi along the A-1 highway north of Gabarone.   You can actually find us on Google maps!  But don’t try to text or email.  We won’t have internet connections unless we go into town to their office--a few times a week, maybe.
Later this morning, when the roosters have gone to bed and the rest of the family has rolled out from under their mosquito nets, we are driving 700km north to see the wildlife: elephants, crocs, giraffe, buffalo and more.  We are also going into Zimbabwe to see the famous Victoria Falls.
Look for pictures in about a week. 

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  1. Have a 'lekker' braai and hope you have an awesome time in our country (yours and mine!)