Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's for dinner?

One of the worries of taking two kids around the world was wondering about what they would eat.  Ana and Mia aren’t the most adventurous eaters and they both have certain peculiar eating habits: Neither of them like vegetables, Mia does not enjoy bread and dislikes butter--so much for sandwiches.  Ana doesn’t like to eat meat that is attached to a bone or has any fat on it--so much for the braais (meat grilled on the BBQ). 
Despite their food hangups, neither of them have complained at all about food.  We ate a lot of different things in China and they just made their way through the meals and made their way around the food they didn’t want to try.  Somehow, we have found something for them to eat without them making a fuss about it.  Thanks, girls!!

Now in Botswana, with choices limited, it helps that each of them has found one of their favorites from home:
Check out the popcorn (made from scratch) for Mia and
of course...

KETCHUP for Ana!!!
She has learned to ask for Tomato (say "tom-AH-toe") sauce.

The girls are also learning a few new favorites.  They love the mangoes off of EJ and Koekoes’s tree, Ana found out that she likes guavas and custard and Mia asked if we could please have lamb chops again.

And the other night we had burgers--not quite hamburgers--but they both ate a whole burger before discovering that it was actually meat from a kudu (see picture.)  When I told them, they just shrugged--sure it tasted different, but it was still good.

Looks like we’re going to do just fine with no Golden Arches in the entire country of Botswana!

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  1. What a nice office and staff.
    Glad you are staying healthy with all the exiting changes in your lives.
    We enjoy the pictures....Jana and Jack