Friday, February 10, 2012

Pandas! by Ana and Mia

So much we could tell you about Pandas:--they are endangered--only about 1600 left in the world and 80% of them live in Sichuan Province in China.  In Chinese, the name for Great Panda has three words:  Big Bear Cat.  They eat 15-20 kgs of food per day.  That’s about 40 pounds.  Basically, they do three things all day . . . eat, sleep and play.  Their intestinal tract is significantly shorter than a human so the food goes right through them... that’s why they just keep eating.

But the most important things we learned about Pandas is not what we learned from the guide or the museum.  This is what we learned by sitting next to them:
They are soooooo soft!  And gentle! and fluffy! and they like apples!

And We LOVE Pandas!!!

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