Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the Road . . .

We left Mochudi on Monday morning, driving north on the A-1 toward Chobe.  Along the way, here’s what we saw:
  • The sign marking the tropic of Capricorn
  • cattle on the road--lots of good looking cattle!  I think we’ll have lots of hamburgers while we are here.
  • goats running away from the road
  • donkeys on the road--some of them harnessed to carts.  They are called donkey cars.
  • elephants trying to get onto the road (notice how close!--had to apply much brake pressure to stay clear of this bull.)
  • vultures scavenging a carcass on the road
  • zebras gathered just off the road
  • a small water tortoise crossing the road--we avoided hitting it because EJ says they really stink if you smash them
  • construction, potholes, detours--but mostly a smooth strong road
Arrived safely in Chobe after 700km on the road.

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